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Taught by the esteemed Graduate Director of the School of Media Sciences, Christine Heusner brings an innovative and proactive teaching style to the MAAT-107 course known as Imaging. As a core course for Media Arts and Technology students, Imaging introduces students to the basics of photography, photo editing and photography concepts.

Technical Skills Taught in this Course 
Students are given the opportunity to get hands on experience with a digital camera by learning its basic functions and how to take effective photos in different settings. Individuals are able to use their own digital camera with a removable lens or rent one from the Photo Cage. Each week students are given assignments that focus on different photography concept such as abstraction, scanography, grid photography, compositing, and much more.

Creative Skills Taught in this Course
Along with working closely with a digital camera, students will also become familiar with the photo editing program known as Adobe Photoshop, as well as Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw software. Students will gain insight and learn the basic skills of how photos are edited, retouched, transformed and created into artistic masterpieces. Whether you are unfamiliar with photography or a protégé of this art form, the Imaging course will help improve your photography skills and gain a better understanding of photography concepts.


Scanography Project, Jill Duma

This piece focuses on two types of photography, scanography and abstraction. Complied of three main images, the TV background, the colorful static and the transparent hand, the concept for this assignment came from the idea that society has become obsessed with television and is slowly being lost within the media. The reality stars, gossip news and bias news anchors that shape the media begin to shape how we think, and lessens ones ability to be a unique individual. The televisions in the background and the static were found images on the Internet, while the hand is a scanned image. With the helpful tools of Photoshop, I was able to retouch, strengthen the colors and add an overlay blend mode to the image to make the hand appear to be transparent.


Grid Photography Project, Jill Duma

Grid photography focuses on numerous different concepts, such as, narratives, exploring the relationship between objects, places and people or abstraction. At first thought, many people may think grid photography is just four images placed in a square grid, but it can be so much more than this.  Grids can contain one image that is cut and composed to fit a specific idea or hundreds of images that can be neatly or chaotically placed to form one image. The four images used to create the grid presented above were taken with a Canon Rebel T3i and composed and edited in Photoshop. Adjustment layers and the technique known as dodge and burn, played a huge factor in creating colors and tone of his image. This grid focuses on a vague narrative. My goal was to create an image that could have more than one meaning to it.

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