3D Printing Workflow

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3D Printing Workflow

The 3D Printing Workflow course is a professional elective course for Media Arts students and other RIT students to learn modeling programs including SolidWorks and Rhino as well as to produce the design through 3D printing.

This course is a workflow approach to the precise modeling objects that 3D printing requires. It will run this spring (2016-2017 school year), so be sure to enroll quickly!

Students investigate the use case of the 3D printed products they design, and make parts accordingly through the software. The modeling software used in this course are unique – where the front-end design is replacing programming, and the designer is then left with the responsibility to learn which style of 3D printer is best for a product. This includes learning which style of material deposition methodology (3D printing material) will produce the best print.

3D Printing Workflow is a course about the compromise that design has with the capabilities of the filament delivery. The 3D Nextpress Lab exclusively for the School of Media Sciences has access to 3D scan objects, and print 3D objects that use flexible filaments and multi-color design, as well as high level 3D circuit printing with conductive tracks in electronic engineering design.

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