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Reporter magazine is a student run publication that publishes articles representing the student voice on campus. The publication has been active on campus for over 50 years and continues to be one of the most well-known organizations on campus. In Spring 2016, Reporter appointed Mandi Moon as the new Editor in Chief, who is a former undergraduate student in the Media Arts and Technology program.


Reporter staff portraits PC: Kristen McNicholas

Getting involved

Mandi first became aware of Reporter when the issue for Imagine RIT 2014 was released. She heard the controversy surrounding the issue and RIT administration. Then she saw an ad via RIT’s Message Center by Reporter looking to hire a Copy Editor. She felt this job fit perfectly with her obsession with writing and grammar, and the reason why she came to RIT, to get into the publishing industry. Mandi started her junior year of undergrad as Copy Editor and became Features Editor in the fall of her senior year and Print Managing Editor in the Spring. She also ran for the Editor in Chief position in the fall of her senior year and was unanimously elected for the Fall 2016 school year.

MAAT classes that have helped

When she first applied to Reporter, the team liked that she had taken the MAAT Professional and Technical Writing class for the Copy Editor position because she understood how to use different voices depending on the type of piece she was writing. They also liked her experience in Magazine Publishing with page layout, technical skills and print knowledge. In addition, Book Design helped her in creating the issue for Imagine 2016 as she was knowledgeable about how to format the book correctly and work with the printer to meet deadlines. Overall, her range of skills in publishing was impressive and allowed her to move up to other positions quickly

As Editor in Chief

In her new position, Mandi has taken on more of an administrative role within Reporter. She makes sure that they pay the printers, get promotional material from companies and facilitates communication within the team as well as with their advisors. She defines her role more as a chief problem solver where her responsibility is to make sure everything keeps moving and to manage conflicts that arise. The main thing she has learned from being Editor in Chief is to over communicate directions to minimize conflict and meet deadlines.

Favorite part about Reporter

Mandi loves working with a multidisciplinary team of students. There are 21 members on Eboard and about 50-60 freelancers. These positions attract a variety of students from different programs including designers, illustrators, animators, writers and even engineers. Students don’t have to be a journalist or communications major to join the team!



Distorter staff picture PC: Ramya Shankar

Plans for after graduation

Mandi is currently enrolled in the 4+1 MBA program at RIT and will be looking for a full-time job in the spring. She hopes to pursue a career in the publishing industry. Good luck Mandi – we are excited to see our SMS students succeed!

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