Saunders Accelerated 4+1 MBA Program

Earn 2 Degrees in
5 Years

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Media Arts and Technology (first 4 years)
  • Master of Business Administration (5th year)

Is it really possible to earn both a B.S and a M.B.A in 5 years?


Students in Media Arts and Technology should consider an exciting opportunity to earn 2 degrees in 5 years. The 4+1 program offered with the Media Arts and Technology degree will allow students to earn a B.S degree and a M.B.A in five years. The 4+1 program is for students interested in entering a career involving the business and infrastructures of design, advertising and published media.

When students complete their undergraduate degree, they can apply to the MBA program. Once they have been accepted, the credits earned in their undergrad program will be accredited towards their Master’s degree.

How do I decide?


It is best to begin studies as a 4+1 student early on in the Media Arts curriculum. Students who decide to pursue this program take classes as an undergrad to waive certain MBA foundation courses. This will put them on track to complete their MBA in one year. Students who study through the 4+1 program have found their niche in fields such as business, design and advertising – and can accommodate these interests in their electives outside of the School of Media Sciences!

Need more information? Visit the Saunders Accelerated 4+1 MBA Program website or speak to your academic adviser.