About Co-op & Employment

What is a Co-op?

Students attending Rochester Institute of Technology seeking a Bachelor’s of Science degree are required to complete 2 terms of co-op during their undergraduate career. These terms can either be during Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Tuition is waived while the student is enrolled on a co-op.

Cooperative education (co-op) is the most extensive and intensive of RIT’s experiential education opportunities. Co-op is full-time, paid work experience directly related to each student’s course of study and career interests.

Students research and apply to their own co-ops, as well as create a resume and portfolio where necessary. However, the Media Arts and Technology career counselor is a resource for our students to inquire about popular and past internships. The Media Arts career counselor accompanied by a student’s academic adviser and our faculty are willing to give interview and resume feedback. In addition, Co-op Orientation (MAAT-10) is a required course for Media Arts students in their second year, which discusses professional topics and provides guidance for co-op searches and applications. In this course, a student is required to create a resume and they learn about the expectations of the work industry for this major. Many companies, agencies and alumni are familiar with the interests and talents of our students, and students will be able to network for opportunities both inside and outside of class.

The Media Arts and Technology major requires students to complete 2 terms of Co-op by graduation.

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Media Arts in the Industry

Students customize their degree through electives that focus on the technical, creative, and business interests they develop during their time in the program.

Recent grads have been offered position titles including:

  • Print + Publishing

    Assistant Project Manager
    Quality Assurance Team Lead
    Print Product Developer
    Workflow Technician
    Project Engineer
    Color Specialist

  • Web Development

    Information Architect
    Interaction Designer
    Front-End Developer
    Junior Programmer

  • Art + Design

    Graphic Designer
    Packaging Designer
    Graphic Specialist

  • Business + Sales

    Sales and Marketing Coordinator
    Client Advocate
    Ad Production Specialist
    Social Media Specialist

Our students have gone on co-op and/or have continued on to work full time at companies such as:

  • Adobe
    Conde Nast
    Daymon Worldwide
    Global Thinking
    Mullen Lowe
    Democrat & Chronicle
    Mercury Print
    Xerox Corporation
    Archer Communications
  • Sapient Nitro
    Vangaurd Direct
    Cunard Cruise Lines
    Hearst Magazines
    Darwill, Inc.
    Quad Graphics
    Hammer Packaging
    Harper Collins
    Partners and Napier