Faculty & Staff


Dr. Bruce Myers

Interim Administrative Chair
CIAS School of Media Sciences
Associate Professor

Working academic and industry research professional with relevant sales, training and management skills, continually employed in the printing industry since 1985. Holds a Ph.D. in Graphic Communications from New York University. Worked in various sales, technical, training and management positions at Agfa and X-Rite, Inc. prior to joining Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Read more

Ph.D.: Graphic Communications Management & Technology, New York University 2004
MA: Graphic Communications Management & Technology, New York University 1991
BFA: Photography & Printmaking, Montclair State College 1985
AS: Specialized Technology: Photography, Antonelli School 1982

Courses at RIT
MAAT 206 – Print Production Workflow
MAAT 376 – Lithographic Process
MAAT 544 – Color Management Systems


Michael Riordan

Undergraduate Program Chair
Office: GAN-1151

Michael Riordan is a full-time faculty member of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s RIT’s School of Media Sciences where he teaches coursework focused on publishing and production. In addition to his teaching, Michael is the Director and a researcher at RIT’s Open Publishing Lab, and also serves on the Board of Directors for RIT’s CrossMedia Innovation Center (CMIC) and the Advisory Board for RIT’s award-wining weekly student publication, Reporter Magazine. Read more

Masters in Science, Graphic Arts Systems, Rochester Institute of Technology
Bachelor in Sciences, Arts Education, State University of New York at New Paltz
Associates in Science, Communications / Media Arts, Niagara County Community College

Courses at RIT
MAAT 101 – Cross Media Foundations
MAAT 366 – Introduction to Book Design
MAAT 543 – Limited Edition Print
MAAT 571 – Digital Asset Management
PPRT 790 – Thesis


Christine Heusner

Graduate Director, Senior Lecturer
Office: GAN-1145

Christine is currently the Graduate Director in the School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology. She teaches courses in photography, imaging workflows, retouching and typography, page design, publishing, and graphic communications. Read more

MFA Imaging Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology
BA Art, Elmira College

Courses at RIT
MAAT 106 – Typography and Page Design
MAAT 377 – Advanced Retouching and Restoration
MAAT 566 – Typography Research


Graham Anthony

Adjunct Lecturer

Graham is focused on Information Technology solutions for the publishing industry. He specializes in technical planning and implementation of cross-media workflow and systems to facilitate efficient content generation, movement, and publishing. Read more

B.S. Printing and Applied Computer Science, RIT 2005
M.S. Human-Computer Interaction, Rochester Institute of Technology 2015

Courses at RIT
MAAT 271 – Webpage Production I
MAAT 272 – Webpage Production 2


Irma Abu-Jumah

Roger K. Fawcett Distinguished Professor
Visiting Lecturer
Office: GAN-1141

Irma has been teaching courses at RIT for over 2 years. She has experience in publication production processes including color correction, imaging and quality assurance. Her industry experience brings relevant trends and issues into the Media Sciences curriculum.

MS: Graphic Arts System, Rochester Institute of Technology
BS: Graphic Design, University Dr. Jose Matias Delgado

Courses at RIT
MAAT 106 – Typography and Page Design
MAAT 383 – Design Production


Dr. Barbara Birkett

Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies,
Associate Professor
Office: GAN-1159

Barbara is a full-time faculty member in the School of Media Sciences. She teaches business courses, such as Media Industries Analysis and Media Business Basics. She is a CPA, and her area of research interest relates to media costs and business topics. She holds two Master of Business degrees, in International Business and in Accounting, and has her Ph.D. in Organization and Management. Read more

Ph.D. Business, Capella University 2010
MBA Accounting, Rochester Institute of Technology
MBA International Business, University of Michigan

Courses at RIT
MAAT 302 – Professional and Technical Writing
MAAT 307 – Finance-Accounting Media Managers
PPRT 603 – Operations Management in the Graphic Arts


Chris Bondy

Gannett Distinguished Professor
Office: GAN-1171

RIT College of Imaging Arts and Sciences continues to advance curricula and vitalize relationships’ with industry solution providers and service providers by recruiting experienced industry leaders like Chris Bondy. “Chris brings over 30 years of relevant and practical background to the CIAS leadership team, he will be instrumental in the reshaping of programs for students and industry partners alike with his focus in cross-media graphic communications”, Lorraine Justice, Dean College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. Read more

MS/Eng – New Product Development, Rochester Institute of Technology
BS Interdisciplinary Studies, Mktg, Beh.Sci., Graphic Design, New York Institute of Technology

Courses at RIT
MAAT 401 – Team Project


Sean Boyle

Adjunct Lecturer
Office: GOL- 2517

Sean graduated with an MS in Information Technology in May of 2001, and started teaching Multimedia at RIT in the fall of 2001. In 2006, he began working at Element K as an instructional designer, involved in developing interactive courseware for online and in-class instruction, as well as business simulations and “serious games” in both tabletop and digital formats. At the same time, he founded Tremorworks, a small, independent publisher of tabletop board and role-playing games. In 2009 he returned to teaching at RIT full-time.

MS Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology 2001

Courses at RIT
MAAT 306 – Information Architecture Publishing

faculty marcia

Marcia Carroll

Senior Staff Assistant
Office: GAN-1141

Marcia Carroll

Senior Staff Assistant
Office: GAN-1141


Shu Chang

Melbert B. Cary Jr. Distinguished Professor
Office: GAN-1165

Shu Chang holds the Melbert B. Cary Jr. Distinguished Professorship. Her research identifies techniques to bridge the system aspects of conventional digital printing to the rapidly growing field of additive manufacturing. She is currently developing techniques where one can design properties such as hardness or elasticity that a fabricated object requires by identifying structures and combinations of materials created during the printing process. Read more

Ph.D. Materials Science, University of Minnesota

Courses at RIT
MAAT 386 – 3D Printing Workflow
MAAT 552 – Applied Topics in Media Arts, Sciences, and Technology – Smart Textile


John Eldridge

Digital Printing Technologist/Adjunct Faculty

John Eldridge

Digital Printing Technologist/Adjunct Faculty

B.S. Printing Management and Sciences


Robert J. Eller

Gravure Research Professor
Office: GAN-1256

Bob Eller is currently the Gravure Research Professor in the School of Media Sciences. Before coming to RIT, he was the ExxonMobil Executive responsible for creating corporate alliances and step-out business models in the area of Packaging. During his career at ExxonMobil, Bob held senior management positions in the areas of Business Process Re-Engineering, Information Technology, Logistics, Quality, and Packaging Film Technology Development. His current work is centered on assessing the potential of new technologies and re-engineered business processes to change the dynamics of the Gravure Industry. (Gravure in the Americas has been shrinking for 50 years. If successful this action research project would reverse this trend and reignite Growth in Gravure.) Read more

MA Mathematics, University of Missouri 1972
BA Mathematics, University of Missouri 1972

Courses at RIT
MAAT 368 – Gravure and Flexography
MAAT 541 – Digital Print Processes
MAAT 558 – Package Printing
PPRT 641 – Digital Printing and Publishing
PPRT 688 – Package Printing


Elena Fedorovskaya

Paul and Louise Miller Distinguished Professor
Office: GAN-1175

Elena Fedorovskaya, Ph.D., is the Paul and Louise Miller Distinguished Professor at the School of Media Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology. Her scholarly and teaching focus is on behavioral aspects involved in cross media publishing and communication, particularly, on obtaining, organization and usage of personal preference data, evaluation, management and interaction with all types of content in various forms of media, including social media. She utilizes a vast toolbox of methods for her human-centered research: lab experiments, ethnographic field studies, usability studies, interviews, surveys, user profile and use scenario development, eye tracking and other types of user behavior recording. Read more

Ph.D., Psychophysiology , Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
MS, Applied Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
MS, Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

Courses at RIT
MAAT 550 – Topics in Media Arts, Sciences, and Technology – Quantifying the Media Experience
MAAT 573 – Transmedia Publishing and Storytelling


Myrtle Jones

Assistant Professor
Office: GAN-1159

Ms. Myrtle Jones is an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Media Sciences. As a Principal Investigator on the Middle College project she piloted preliminary research, “Is Teen Media Industry interest impacted by exposure to virtual reality environments?” The study was conducted with 10th graders at Global Media High School Students in Rochester, New York, from January through June of 2008. Read more

MA, New York University
BA, University of Illinois at Chicago

Courses at RIT
MAAT 301 – Database Publishing
MAAT 302 – Professional and Technical Writing
MAAT 356 – Multimedia Strategies


Erich Lehman

Premedia Facilities Coordinator
Office: GAN-1277

Erich Lehman is the Premedia Facilities Coordinator for RIT’s School of Media Sciences where he manages the SMS’s premedia software, hardware and workflow integration from digital input to proof, print and press. Erich also teaches courses for RIT at the graduate and undergraduate level in digital workflow, cross-media production and interface design and has presented industry seminars in areas of font technology, image capture, proofing, and digital color workflow. Read more

B.S. Printing Management and Sciences
M.S. Graphic Arts Systems

Scott McCarney

Adjunct Professor


Scott McCarney is an artist, designer, and educator in Rochester, New York USA. He received formal design training at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and an advanced photography degree from the University at Buffalo/Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York. His works can be found in The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; and Yale University Art Gallery, among others. Read more

Courses at RIT
MAAT 369 – Bookbinding

Greg D'Amico Headshot

Dr. Gregory D’Amico

Associate Professor
Office: GAN-1135

Gregory S. D’Amico, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor, School of Media Sciences, at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Department of Strategic Communication.

A recognized authority on graphic communications industry operations, marketing and human resource issues, Dr. D’Amico is the author of three books, Customer-Centered Production, Customer-Centered Marketing, and Business Growth through Effective MIS, all published by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL).

Dr. D’Amico received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from New York University. He has been widely published on management issues in graphic communications journals, is a popular speaker at industry-wide programs. Dr. D’Amico has been the recipient of two Teaching Excellence Awards at New York University.. He previously served on the NAPL Board of Directors and is a member of the industry’s prestigious Soderstrom Society.

Courses at RIT
MAAT 307 – Media Business Management
MAAT 563 – Building Profit into Media Projects