Elena Fedorovskaya’s Bio

Elena Fedorovskaya, Ph.D., is the Paul and Louise Miller Distinguished Professor at the School of Media Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology. Her scholarly and teaching focus is on behavioral aspects involved in cross media publishing and communication, particularly, on obtaining, organization and usage of personal preference data, evaluation, management and interaction with all types of content in various forms of media, including social media. She utilizes a vast toolbox of methods for her human-centered research: lab experiments, ethnographic field studies, usability studies, interviews, surveys, user profile and use scenario development, eye tracking and other types of user behavior recording.

Elena Fedorovskaya holds a doctorate degree in psychophysiology, as well as master degrees in applied mathematics and psychology, all from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. She had conducted postdoctoral fellowships in Sweden and the Netherlands studying image and color perception.

Before joining RIT she worked at Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories, where she performed research in the area of human-centered imaging and computing, concentrating on behavioral analysis and modeling of perceptual, cognitive and emotional characteristics of human experience in relation to images and imaging systems. As a part of her work, she developed models and algorithms for predicting subjective image quality and preferences of digital images, and created user experience concepts for novel usage of images and multimedia collections, resulting in 30 US patents and numerous publications. She was inducted into Kodak Distinguished Inventors Gallery.
Elena Fedorovskaya is a member of several professional organizations including IS&T, SPIE, AAAS and ACM SIGCHI.

Personal Work

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