Erich Lehman’s Bio

Erich Lehman is the Premedia Facilities Coordinator for RIT’s School of Media Sciences where he manages the SMS’s premedia software, hardware and workflow integration from digital input to proof, print and press. Erich also teaches courses for RIT at the graduate and undergraduate level in digital workflow, cross-media production and interface design and has presented industry seminars in areas of font technology, image capture, proofing, and digital color workflow.

A firm believer in putting theory to practice, Erich’s interests don’t stop with his work at the School of Media Sciences. Outside of RIT, Erich served a brief tenure as the Media Director at Fuel Clothing Company, Inc., and served as the Creative/Media Director for Krudco. for 14 years, where he handled all aspects of the company’s media presence, including web, print, and multimedia. Erich is currently the owner/curator of 1975 Gallery in Rochester, NY, established in 2008 and a member of the Sweet Meat Co. art collective.

Erich is also co-curator and co-organizer of WALL\THERAPY, a public community-level intervention using mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration. He also serves on the board for Friends of the Roc City Park, a group actively pursuing the creation of a free public skatepark within the city of Rochester, NY.

Every now and again, he stops to take a breath.

Erich holds a Masters in Graphic Arts Systems and a Bachelors in Printing Management from RIT, where his studies focused on electronic (“new”) media publishing and on print production education for graphic designers and other creative professionals. He has a special fondness for type and typography instilled by one of his former professors at SPM.

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