Graham Anthony’s Bio

Graham is focused on Information Technology solutions for the publishing industry. He specializes in technical planning and implementation of cross-media workflow and systems to facilitate efficient content generation, movement, and publishing.

Personal Work

Design Patterns for Navigation within Tablet-based Digital Libraries

  • ebook-research

    The document preparation process used in this study. The use of Shakespeare’s complete works in several different formats for electronic reading required the creation of 333 different documents. The easiest method for creating this many documents was to work out an automatic document creation workflow.

  • ebook-research

    A screenshot of the research showing one of the test electronic libraries used for the study. Shakespeare’s works were used in the study due to the large size of the content-base, the similarity of all of the content, and the fact that it was free to use without concern for copyright issues.

Reading habits and navigation within traditional printed media such as books and magazines has
been studied extensively in the past. The research into content consumption in print lead to
research into electronic document navigation and consumption. One emerging area of content
consumption is the tablet.

This study contributes to the existing pool of content navigation and consumption research by
assessing tablet-based content consumption through the lens of previous work in print and on the
computer. The present study assesses three commonly employed methods of content navigation on tablets. The content presented falls into three categories: Text only, a combination of text and
images, and Image heavy content. The results of the present study indicate the navigation
methods employed by Apple’s iBooks software for eBooks and Adobe’s DPS software
commonly used for tablet-based publishing apps enable users to locate content more quickly and
with more confidence than the method employed by iBooks for navigating PDF documents.

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Visualization of the Language Used by the New York Times

This is a visualization of the language used in the top New York Times headlines. The visualization dynamically updates itself based on the headlines at the time. The user is able to explore the language used by clicking through the visualization.

Interactive Web slides for HTML5, CSS, and Javascript

  • descendants example

    In the example above the students can hover over the document tree at right and receive feedback as to whether the selector actually does select the element in the document or not.

  • javascript functions

    An interactive code example that does run in the javascript console. When the student clicks the “Run It!” button the code above will run in the javascript console. The code is also fully document so a student can tap on a piece of code and they will see a brief description of what the code does.

  • document-structure

    This is an example of a static diagram accompanying a piece of html.

This is really a larger slide framework based around my desire to deliver content over the web in a better way. The slides shown here are examples of the slide framework I’ve put together.

Features of the slide framework include:
1. Syntax highlighting for code
2. Code hints when a piece of
code is highlighted a description of each piece of code is displayed.
3. Interactive diagrams for self-quizzing

It’s important to note that I still lecture in front of these slides and work through the interactive examples with my students. These extra pieces of interaction allow the students to explore the lecture after the fact at their own pace in a more convenient way.

Strain Relief for Ink Cartridge Supply Tube

This patent covers the use of an inkjet cartridge handle to provide strain relief for a tube that connects the cartridge to a continuous ink feed system. This method allowed for the use of what were essentially desktop inkjet cartridges in higher volume applications such as direct mail or check endorsement.

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