Robert Eller’s Bio

Bob Eller is currently the Gravure Research Professor in the School of Media Sciences. Before coming to RIT, he was the ExxonMobil Executive responsible for creating corporate alliances and step-out business models in the area of Packaging. During his career at ExxonMobil, Bob held senior management positions in the areas of Business Process Re-Engineering, Information Technology, Logistics, Quality, and Packaging Film Technology Development. His current work is centered on assessing the potential of new technologies and re-engineered business processes to change the dynamics of the Gravure Industry. (Gravure in the Americas has been shrinking for 50 years. If successful this action research project would reverse this trend and reignite Growth in Gravure.)

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  • long term decline
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  • different endings
  • the crossroads
  • the railroad
  • working on the railroad
  • working on the railroad
  • working on the railroad
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