Campus Involvement

4 On-Campus Organizations Our Students Are Perfect for

Below is a list of campus involvement opportunities that Media Sciences students participate in. Read about each organization and find your perfect fit!


Reporter Magazine

As an RIT student run publication, Reporter magazine acts as the voice of the students on campus. On the first Friday of every month, they release a print publication in various locations around campus. The organization also produces daily online articles featured on the Reporter website. Articles range from topics of sports and leisure to tech and current news. Each article highlights student writers, designers, illustrators, and more. Reporter has won multiple state and national awards since launching in 1951.

Why our students are a good fit

Are you interested in joining the Reporter team? Many of the positions at Reporter incorporate both the technical and creative sides of our program. Students will enhance their skills from courses such as, Typography & Page Design and Cross Media Publishing with their involvement in Reporter. Many Media Arts students have worked for the Reporter in the past in positions such as Art Director, Production Manager, and Editor-In-Chief.


The Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (also known as TAGA) is a global professional technical association for those in the graphics art industry, with members from all over the world. Every year, the student chapters create a publication comprised of technical papers from the industry to complete in an annual technical conference. This conference is an opportunity for students to meet prospective employers as well as show off the publication that they worked on all year. In the past, the RIT TAGA has won multiple awards from their publications, ranging from Best Electronic Publication to Best Technical Writing.

Why our students are a good fit

TAGA runs through the whole publication progress from copy editing to design, to launching both a print and digital publication. Students who have taken Magazine Publishing, Print Production Workflow, and Cross Media Publishing will find their skills useful here. In the past our students have been in positions such as Eboard president, creative director, and operations managers.



Gamma Epsilon Tau (aka known as GET) is a national co-ed graphic arts honors fraternity. The RIT chapter is the national headquarters, with six other chapters located across the country. GET hosts various events throughout the semester, and provides students interested in the graphic arts networking opportunities with peers and alumni. With various committees including printing promotions, social & community service, fundraising, etc. there is something for everyone in this Student Government recognized group.

Why our students are a good fit

Many Media Arts students have a passion for the graphic arts industry and can grow this passion in GET while creating a network of current students and alumni in the industry. If courses such as Imaging, Typography and Page Design, and Advanced Retouching and Restoration piqued your interest, GET may be a good fit for you.

Signatures Literary Journal

Signatures is an annual publication that showcases RIT student artwork and literature. They strive to challenge and reconsider what the RIT community defines as art. Members of the RIT community can submit their work in the form of photography, graphic design, 3D design, poetry, fiction & nonfiction prose, film and animation, and installation pieces. The Signatures team then curates all the content and creates their annual publication from it.

Why our students are a good fit

Students who are interested in the creative/artistic avenues that the Media Arts major provides will be a good fit for the Signatures team. Classes such as Typography and Page design, Professional and Technical Writing, and Print Production Workflow will provide students with a great skill set to use towards the publication.