Minors and Immersions

The Media Arts and Technology (MAAT) program at RIT creates diversity in the job field by creating college graduates who are fluent in multiple facets of publishing. Plus, with an average class size of 15 students for MAAT required courses, diverse interests and talents are displayed through student portfolio work and feedback from professors and peers.

An average of 12 out of 15 students (80%) declare a minor within a college other than the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences.


An average of 3 out of 15 students (20%) pursue the 4+1 accelerated business Master’s opportunity while enrolled in MAAT.

What is a Perspective course?

The perspective course categories require a minimum of 21 credit hours of coursework (for the BS degree) and are designed to introduce students to a variety of important areas of inquiry that provide ways of knowing about the world. Typically taken in the first and second year, the perspective courses introduce students to fundamentals of a liberal arts and sciences discipline (methods, concepts, and theories) while addressing specific general education learning outcomes. Categories include: global, social, ethical, artistic, scientific principles, scientific inquiry and mathematical.

RIT students are required to complete coursework that broadens their perspective and gives them the opportunity to learn in a specific discipline that is outside of their major. This coursework comes in the form of an immersion and perspective courses.

Required courses

The Media Arts and Technology curriculum requires 9 foundation courses, each in different schools and colleges at RIT as required perspectives and immersion opportunities.

What is an Immersion course?

Immersions are a series of three related general education courses. The nine credit hour immersion requirement supports deeper learning within a focus area, and also provides opportunities for integrative learning through pedagogical approaches such as linked courses, team-teaching, and trans- and interdisciplinary experiences.

Required courses

3 additional courses within the College of Liberal Arts at RIT are required for Media Arts and Technology students to fulfill the Immersion requirement.

What is a Minor?

5-7 courses within one program at RIT, where credits can be counted from perspectives, an immersion, and completed with remaining open electives.

Minors are often chosen by students who favor their immersion and wish to pursue 2-3 additional courses in their open elective slot of their curriculum to graduate with a minor in their immersion of interest.

Get the most out of your education in 4 years with the Media Arts and Technology degree complimented by a minor from any of the schools at RIT!

List of Minors at RIT
List of Immersions at RIT